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El Nido newsletter, information about Puerto Viejo, Playa Chaquita,Talamanca
   El Nido's newsletter; every month or two we put out a newsletter on anything new that is happening in Puerto Viejo or Playa Chaquita. We try to keep you apprised of any current events that may make a difference to your vacation or visit to Costa Rica and or Puerto Viejo.
   Grand Opening Newsletter May 1/09

   We are on the verge of our grand opening, (June 1/09) which is very exciting for us! First of all, we are excited to finally start welcoming people to our place, and sharing in their vacations and experiences in Costa Rica. And secondly, we are excited to finally say goodbye to our lovely construction workers. Ah, some peace and quiet, no more waking up to the sound of power tools… We can soon focus on what we love, relaxing in the Caribbean, hopefully with lots of interesting guests!

   Although we haven’t scheduled our Grand Opening party just yet, we will be officially open on June 1st, 2009!

   What would we like in a Grand Opening party? Part of what we love about Puerto Viejo and Playa Chiquita are funky locals and expats who live here. To name a few of our new friends is almost not fair, because there are so many interesting people here. For our Grand Opening party we would like to have all of our new friends over to celebrate!

   First, we love Pam who owns Mira Flores Lodge and has been in Playa Chiquita for over twenty years. Before coming to Costa Rica Pam exported tropical plants and flowers to the US and Europe, and then came here to continue her love of botany. She has amazing gardens, and is an advocate of conservation.

   Yamu and Poppy run the Jungle Love Garden Café down the road. Whenever we want a treat or are too lazy to cook dinner, we head over to their place for their delicious food. Yamu also moonlights as a DJ, and the garden café always has groovy music playing. Yamu and Poppy are from California and have a sweet little six year old son. They also have a very nice vacation rental house.

  Across the road are Chris and Julie, from Oregon, who have the C&J Market, Juice Joint, and cabinas. We love Chris and Julie, they are both biologists, and Chris is a volunteer snake rescuer. That means, if someone in the community finds a snake in their yard, Chris will come and re-locate that snake! We also love their quirky attitudes, and fantastic juice! They put out a monthly newsletter complete with health tips and a recipe. 

   Brendan and Angie are a lovely couple who own Tierra de Suenos, another cabina business nearby. You might think, we’re opening a new hotel, these guys won’t offer to help out their new competition. Well, Brendan and Angie have been so open and helpful. Right away they stopped by to say hello, and invited us to come by and see their place. And they’ve also offered tons of advice about building our website, which is pretty cool!

   We also love Denise who owns Bach Flower treatments massage studio.  Denise has the cutest four year old twin daughters. They were in Manzanillo having lunch, and were spotted by the big local paint company who were filming a commercial. So yes, you may see these lovely ladies on TV modelling paint!
   These are just a few of our neighbours who we love, and there are tons of other great people in Puerto Viejo that we didn’t mention. You can really see what a great place the southern Caribbean is by all of the amazing people who choose to call this home. So yes, back to the party, we want to have all of our wonderful new friends over to celebrate being in the Caribbean together! 
Next up on the party criteria, live music! And of course, there are lots of great musicians in Puerto Viejo. Hopefully we will have guests here when we’re ready to throw the party, and we can show you a great time! 
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El Nido newsletter, information about Puerto Viejo, Playa Chaquita,Talamanca
El Nido newsletter, information about Puerto Viejo, Playa Chaquita,Talamanca
El Nido Cabinas, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
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